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A cooperation between Project C-IV, USDA Food and Agricultural Services Assistance, and the County’s Health Services Plan Grant has sponsored a website called C4Yourself. C4Yourself, BenefitsCal & CalFresh Login gives qualified Californians an easy method to apply to receive and administer benefits from several state programs, such as CalWorks, CalFresh, and Healthcare. 

Users can connect to the tool via a smartphone or tablet app and monitor the progress of their app’s development whenever they want.

C4Yourself is an extensive system that provides individuals in need with useful information and assistance, not simply an app.

This article will describe the BenefitsCal.com web page, why this has been launched, when all counties will see it, as well as how this affects individuals who are receiving aid from the state or who are preparing to apply.

C4Yourself Login

C4Yourself BenefitsCal & CalFresh Login

A web-based program called C4Yourself Login allows you to manage your teaching data in an honest and reliable way.

The event includes both online and in-person workshops showcasing the most cutting-edge smart home technologies, such as but not restricted to smart safety systems, automated lighting, multimedia audio, and intelligent home elements.

C4Yourself Login incidents, which are held at any of Control4’s authorized sites across the world, provide homeowners with the opportunity to network with specialists in connected homes and custom electronics.

Using C4Yourself Medical, applications can be submitted to receive government assistance in the way of food assistance, medical treatment, and other services.

Please have a look at the material below, which was taken off of the C4 Yourself food assistance application webpage. Registered users may sign in with current login credentials, but new users must first establish an account.

Web addresswww.c4yourself.com Website name 
BenefitsCal/CalFresh LoginBenefitscal.com/public/login
Languages spoken English, Espanol, Cambodian, Hmong, Lao, Português, Russian, Tagalog, Ting, Vit, Mien, and краньска. The country of origin is the United States. The field of work is health and medicine.

How can I register for C4Yourself?

The procedures needed to register with C4Yourself are as follows:

  • Visit www.c4yourself.com to access the BenefitsCal Login official website.
  • Go to the website and select “Create Account.”
  • Type in your contact details, including name, email, telephone number, and birthday.
  • Should you remember your username and password, create a few security inquiries.
  • Select the email address and passcode you desire.
  • Pick the language of your choice.
  • Please enter the details of your Social Security Number (SSN) and respond to a few questions.
  • By typing the obtained verification software, you may validate your cell or email address.
  • Read these terms and circumstances, then agree to them.
  • To finish the procedure, click “Create Profile”.

After signing up with C4Yourself, anyone can enter into your user account to begin requesting benefits or manage those that are already in place. To support your candidature, you could be required to submit more details and supporting documentation. You can ask the C4Yourself assistance staff for help if you encounter any queries or problems with the signing up procedure.

How can I log into C4Yourself?

Following these easy steps to gain entry to any CalFresh / BenefitsCal profile by logging into C4Yourself:

  • Visit www.c4yourself.com to access the BenefitsCap California Fresh Login page.
  • Select on the “Login” icon located in the right-hand column of the site.
  • Now all you have to do is click that “Login” button after entering your enrolled login information.
  • To consent to the regulations and limitations of BenefitsCal, select the “Accept” button.
  • I’m done now! You ought to be locked in at this point with the ability to see your account details.
  • You may select the “Forgot Account” or “Forgot Passcode” links from the login screen then adhere to the instructions to retrieve your login credentials if you did not remember what you used to login.

You may view your BenefitsCal data, apply for additional benefits, submit records, and modify your profile settings after logging back into their C4Yourself profile. You can ask the C4Yourself support staff for help if you run into any problems or have any inquiries about utilizing the platform’s features.

How Can I Recover My C4yourself Password? Click here

Following these easy instructions to reset my CalFresh Benefits Login username at C4Yourself.com:

  • Visit www.c4yourself.com then select “Login” from the menu in the upper right of the screen.
  • Select “Forgot Username” and then type the associated email address.
  • Type in your existing email address.
  • Choose either the Security Interview or the OTP Authentication method to validate your identity.
  • To proceed, enter the response to the authentication challenge. (If a confirmation code is chosen, enter OTP.)
  • Click “Save” to store a fresh password once you please enter it and validate it.
  • The end of that. I’m certain that by following the instructions above, you were able to properly reset your user account passcode.

NOTE: Be careful you create a secure password using letters, numbers, and particular characters so that it cannot be readily guessed by anybody.

You can use the fresh password to access their C4Yourself accounts once you’ve reset your old one. You can ask the C4Yourself client service staff for help if you run into any difficulties changing your login information or logging into your account.

How to View Your Login Details for C4yourself

Completing the following instructions will allow you to get to the information on your account after creating a login page on C4Yourself:

  • Access C4Yourself.com, and visit the Benefits Cal website.
  • Enter the account you created utilizing your authorized login information. (To learn how to log in, go here.)
  • You have now been sent to the Dashboard of your BenefitsCal CalFresh Profile.
  • Click from the circle symbol next to the bell image on the right side of the dashboard. Choose “Managing Your Membership” using the menu that opens by clicking on it.
  • You may see and handle your private data, including your name, email address, password, any security controversy, on the Profile Details page.
  • When you’re through with the opportunities, click “Update” in order to keep the modifications.

You may update your private telephone info and change your account preferences by logging in to the account you are using and doing so. You can ask the C4Yourself customer service staff for help if you run into any difficulties obtaining or modifying your account’s information.

NOTE: Under the concerned Account Details area, you may increase the level of safety of your login credentials by activating two-factor authorization as an additional layer of defense.

What is the purpose of the C4Yourself login page?

A website called C4Yourself gives users access to a variety of amenities and advantages that can support individuals and households in need. Through www.c4yourself.com, you may perform the following:

Accessing My Communications: The “My Messages” function of C4Yourself enables you to read and send communications pertaining to applications, rewards, and other significant information.

Control My Requests: The “My Requests” function allows you to submit applications for several aid programs, such as CalFresh, CalWORKs, including Medi-Cal. Additionally, you may upload documentation and view the status for your nominations.

View Mine Benefits: C4Yourself’s “With all my Benefits” tool gives you a wealth of details about your previous and present benefits, including food stamps, financial help, and medical insurance.

Plus a whole deal more.

Useful Hints for C4Yourself

It might be intimidating to use C4Yourself.com, particularly if you’ve never used it before. But with these useful pointers, you can quickly log into the site and provide proper information. 

The procedure will go more smoothly and stress-free if you follow these suggestions, whether you’re looking to submit paperwork on compensation or monitor the status of your claim.

  • Among the extensive range of languages, pick your favorite language.
  • Easily navigate by simply clicking around page components.
  • Visit the “My Requests” area to track your progress.
  • Information should be factual and comprehensive.
  • Utilize the “My Messages” option to contact support.
  • Keep current with CalFresh benefits for disasters.

C4Yourself qualifications

Follow these easy steps to see if you are eligible for nutritional and food programs:

  • Navigate to the “Food as well as Nutrition” section on the BenefitsCal webpage.
  • The “Why am I Eligible?” link should be clicked.
  • After providing the necessary details, click “Submit”.

Please be aware that the response you receive could only be a rough estimate, and that further details might be required to determine your eligibility. However, we advise you to continue the submission phase.

App C4Yourself for Mobile

You may download the “MyBenefits CalWIN Mobile App” from BenefitsCal’s website for free on your smartphone. The software gives customers quick mobile access for their C4Yourself identities and is accessible for Android as well as iOS phones.

Complete the following directions to get the C4Yourself smartphone app:

  • For iOS gadgets:
  • On your apple device or iPad, go through the App Store.
  • Find “MyBenefits CalWIN” by typing it into the search box.
  • Pick the App among the list of results.
  • To obtain and activate the mobile application, tap “Get”.
  • You may start the program and log onto your profile after downloading and installing it.
  • The program may also be downloaded by selecting the icon below.

Android-based devices:

  • Using your Android smartphone, navigate to the Google Apps Store.
  • Find “MyBenefits CalWIN” by typing it into the search box.
  • Pick the App among the list of results.
  • To obtain and run the app, select “Install”.
  • You may start the app as well as log onto your profile after downloading and installing it.

Users of this app may submit documents, monitor the progress of their programs, view details concerning the advantages they receive, and get notifications regarding their benefits. Using the app, you can also receive customer service assistance.

Attending the C4Youth Event

Several factors make going to a C4Yourself event advantageous, such as:

Discover the positive aspects that are accessible: At a C4Yourself occurrence, you may discover the different advantages and initiatives that are open to you along with your loved ones. This offers details on various programs, such as those for healthcare, financial help, and food stamps.

Get support to complete your registration: Joining a C4Yourself session will give you links to knowledgeable employees who will help you throughout the whole application procedure if you’re intrigued about qualifying for compensation. They can assist you in completing the form and provide any queries they may have.

Engage with local resources: C4Yourself gatherings frequently bring together a variety of local services and groups in one place. You can contact these groups to learn more about the amenities that they provide, including employment apprenticeships, housing aid, and legal advice.

Get crucial information: C4Yourself seminars can give you important information on modifications to benefit plans and criteria for eligibility. By doing so, you may keep updated and make sure you are getting the benefits to which you are due.

Connect & interact with other people: Joining a C4Yourself event may offer you the chance to get to know people in your neighborhood who could be going through similar issues or looking for comparable services.

In conclusion, going to a C4Yourself event may be beneficial for anybody who wants to find out more about the resources and advantages that are offered, as well as get help with the application procedure.

C4Yourself – A Guide to Trouble-shooting

There are various actions you may take to solve whatever problems you may run across when using C4Yourself. Below is an outline to assist you in troubleshooting any problems you might run into:

  • Verify your Online Connection. Make sure your internet connection is steady as well as that you’re not having any issues with connectivity. If required, attempt to restart your device and restart your internet connection.
  • Delete all cookies or cache in the browser you’re using: Any problems with cache or old cookies can be fixed by clearing the cookies and cache in the browser you are using. You may do this by going to the settings of your browser and choosing “Clear internet data.”
  • For Revisions, Monitor: Make sure that both your computer and browsers are up to current. Difficulties with C4Yourself’s compliance might be brought on by outdated programs.
  • Use another browser: whether you are having problems with a particular browser, attempt to utilize another web browser to get to C4Yourself to determine whether the problem still exists.
  • Contact the Client Service Department: You may ask for help from C4Yourself customer service if you’re still having problems. If more debugging is required, they can offer you that assistance or escalate the problem.

Typical problems that customers may run into when utilizing C4Yourself include login troubles, application submission notifications, and difficulty in document uploads. You can fix a lot of these problems and make certain that you can use C4Yourself to get your services and benefits via the trouble-shooting procedures described above.

BenefitsCal – What is it?

BenefitsCal is a digital tool that offers details on the several welfare programs offered in California. Users get the ability to view data on many programs, including CalWORKs (cash assistance), Medi-Cal (health-care), and CalFresh (food aid).

In order to assist users assess whether they qualify for various programs depending on their family’s revenue, size, and various other variables, BenefitsCal provides a prior screening tool. The app links users to the application for every program and estimates the rewards they could be able to get.

Additionally, the portal offers details on how to qualify for advantages, what documentation is needed, and what to anticipate during the entire application procedure. BenefitsCal strives to make it simpler for Californians to get the assistance they require to better their lives by streamlining the application procedure.

Information for Contact

Here is how to get in touch with C4Yourself & BenefitsCal support: Should you ever experience any problems with their products or web page, you may use data. Call 1-877-847-3663 toll-free.

From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (depending on your location), every day of a week.

Official Social Contacts Media




More ways to reach us may be found at benefitscal.com/Help/HCHCH.

Visit benefitscal.com/Help/HCCOL to locate a location close to you.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about C4Yourself:

The following are some C4Yourself commonly asked questions (FAQs):

Describe C4Yourself

Users may apply for and administer advantages associated with a number of California state initiatives, such as those for financial support, assistance with food, and medical services, through the website C4Yourself.

How does C4Yourself work?

Citizens of California which qualify for government assistance programs may use C4Yourself. The criteria for eligibility may change based on the scheme.

How can I submit a C4Yourself benefits application?

You must register for a profile on C4Yourself and finish a web-based application in order to be considered for compensation. For personal applications, you are able to go to a nearby county department.

What kinds of advantages am I eligible for if I use C4Yourself?

Using C4Yourself, you may apply for a range of benefits, like medical care, financial aid, and assistance with food.

How can I find out where my request stands?

By login into the C4Yourself login and going to the “Your Benefit” area, you may find out the current state of the application you submitted.

How can I change the password for C4Yourself?

Selecting the “Forgot Passwords” option on the account login page & completing the on-screen instructions, you may change your C4Yourself passwords.

Is C4Yourself available as a smartphone Application?

Yes, C4Yourself has an application for mobile devices that may be installed for nothing on both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

What should I do if C4Yourself gives me Problems?

If you experience problems using C4Yourself, you may try diagnosing the problem by examining the connection to the internet, deleting cookies and cache files from your web browser, searching for revisions, and getting help from customer service.

Does C4Yourself need a price to use it?

Yes, C4Yourself is free to use. Citizens of California that qualify for state welfare programmes can use it for free.

How can I get in touch with C4Yourself regarding service?

When accessing the C4Yourself site and selecting the “Get in touch with Us” link towards the bottom of the home page, you may get in touch with customer care for the company.


To sum up, C4Yourself is a helpful online tool which allows qualified California citizens to submit applications for and handle the advantages of a variety of state applications, including medical care, cash aid, and food stamps.

Either via its website or smartphone app. C4Yourself’s intuitive layout offers consumers a quick and easy method of using its advantages and services. In addition, C4Yourself offers supportive materials and assistance. To walk customers throughout the registration process and respond to any queries they might have.

C4Yourself is a crucial resource for individuals in need. A significant tool for California who require help with fundamental needs and health.